Our mission is to build a more resilient, sustainable, and abundant economy.

We execute this by investing in founders who demonstrate exceptional conviction and courage to build in critical sectors of the economy - energy, manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, construction, etc.

In academia we are taught to use maps, and in industry, we stay within their established boundaries. We believe the economy of the future must be built from the bedrock by founders who see beyond the boundaries of old maps and calloused paradigms.

To invest in bedrock innovation, we must hold ourselves as investors to a higher standard and widen our investment aperture. Cartography’s permanent capital model aligns our timeline with those of founders, positioning us to truly partner with founders for the entire climb.


Cartography was created in 2019 by Daniel Quintero.

In its first iteration, Cartography was a venture fund of funds. In 2022, the strategy evolved to primarily a permanent capital model. Since then, Cartography has continued to make investments, with a focus on technology companies at the bedrock of the global economy.

Prior to creating Cartography, Daniel founded multiple companies and achieved exits to JP Morgan and Twitter for amounts exceeding half a billion dollars. Daniel held leading roles at Cornerstone Research and graduated from the Haas School of Business at University of California, Berkeley.