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Investing in Origin Stories

Cartography is an early-stage, industry-agnostic technology fund that triangulates novel points of view on the future. In partnership with our founders, we combine science- and fact-based decision-making with a focus on the intangibles to explore the unknowns of tomorrow.

Investing in map makers

Regardless of the frontier, the principles of Cartography offer entrepreneurs a deliberate and disciplined approach to exploring the unknown. 

Cartography recognizes the ever-changing environment and is continuously mapping investment strategies to respond with precise intention. 


Reading maps is easy,
making them is hard.

In academia and industry, we are taught to use maps and stay within their boundaries. Entrepreneurs see beyond the boundaries of old maps and outdated paradigms to create new opportunities.

A map can be many things. Ideas are maps. Books are maps. Models are maps. A plan is a map. We believe in the power of a systematic approach to codifying insights to gain value through clarity and adaptability. 

Investing in the best.

Series B+
Series A
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During The Age of Exploration, aspiring explorers attended schools of Cartography, hoping to one day embark on an adventure to the New World. These explorers were hungry for the uncharted and sought to push the boundaries of what was possible. Today, entrepreneurs are the modern-day explorers of the Technological Age of Exploration.

A founder's journey routinely mirrors the journey of many explorers during The Age of Exploration. The entrepreneurs of yore built ships, commanded versatile crews, and pushed forward into the unknown. We believe The Age of Exploration never ended, and we are funding the next evolution of it.

We thrive in uncharted territory and seek it out.

Capital fundraisers and allocators


Dan Quintero

Managing Partner

Dan Quintero is a technology entrepreneur and executive with a demonstrated history of execution in Silicon Valley. In the last twelve years, Dan has raised over $80 million in venture capital, with exits to companies including JPMorgan Chase, TellApart, and Twitter for amounts exceeding half a billion dollars. Before working in technology, Dan was a consultant at the globally top-ranked econometric consulting firm Cornerstone Research and has since continued to be relied on as a valuation expert in front-page commercial litigation. Dan attended the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley.


Andrew Valencia

General Partner

Andrew is a Business Development executive with a diverse background in sales, channel, strategic partnerships, GTM, and corporate development. He is a lifelong entrepreneur, co-founding his first company in college. He was the sixth employee at NS1, where he launched sales and business development efforts while leading and managing fundraising and corporate development. Andrew has and continues working with entrepreneurs and startups through angel investments and advising roles. He graduated with Finance and Political Science degrees from the Santa Clara University Leavey School of Business while working for Qualcomm Ventures.


Suzanne Evers

Chief Administration Officer

Suzanne Evers is experienced in creating, leading, and managing activities and teams in Human Resources, Finance and Accounting, M&A, corporate management, turnarounds, and planning. Working in Silicon Valley for 20 years, Suzanne is an entrepreneur with an interest in founders and early-stage growth companies. In addition to being a company day-to day leader, builder and operator, she has worked on multiple internal teams on acquisition, fundraising and IPO tracks. She has supported multiple organizations raising over $400 million in total venture funding and worked on a successful exit to JPMorgan Chase. Suzanne attended the College of Business and Economics at The University of Idaho.


Jonli Keshavarz

Senior Analyst

Jonli Keshavarz believes in the tenets of American Dynamism and is on a mission to ensure that America remains the country people want to be from, immigrate to, and build a company in. As a self proclaimed startup junkie and learnaholic, Jonli began his entrepreneurial journey in high school where he interned at Rothenberg Ventures. At UC Berkeley, he founded the school’s first undergraduate venture capital student organization. In addition, he worked as a Research Assistant at the AMENA Center for Economic Development and Entrepreneurship. Jonli attended UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business and is an avid triathlete.


Omar Bakr

Venture Partner

Dr. Omar Bakr is a Silicon Valley veteran and an expert in wireless broadband and mobile technologies. Omar brings over 11 years of experience as the Founder and Chief Scientist of Tarana Wireless. Prior to founding Tarana, Omar was a member of the Technology Infrastructure for Emerging Regions Group at UC Berkeley, where he worked on designing and deploying WiLDNet, a low-cost/high-performance solution for rural connectivity. He received his Bachelor of Science and Master of Engineering degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT and Ph.D. in Computer Science from UC Berkeley.


Reem Alsweilem

Venture Partner

Reem is a former investment banker with over 10 years of experience in investment banking and capital markets regulation working with Morgan Stanley, State Street, HSBC and the Saudi Capital Market Authority. Reem led and advised on over $10 billion of large IPO, M&A and other equity financing transactions in the Middle East.


Eric Osiakwan

Venture Partner, Africa

Eric has been seeding and investing in early-stage tech ventures across the African continent for the past two decades. In 2013, he co-founded, an Africa-wide network of angel investors. Subsequently, he co-founded, which brings select entrepreneurs to present to potential investors.


Over the past six years, Eric has put $23M of capital to work in East and South African countries.

Join our team

Venture Analyst Internship

We’re looking to add a venture analyst intern to our deal team. The Cartography Venture Analyst Intern will work closely with our Senior Analyst and General Partners to source and evaluate investment opportunities, perform market research, and support existing portfolio companies.

Part Time
Oakland CA

Grain Technology 

Grain turns your debit card into a credit card by analyzing the cash flow in your linked checking account and generating a line of credit tailored just for you. We never run a credit check and we  don't issue a physical card. People use Grain as an alternative to a credit card to establish a credit history or ease their cash flow. We're challenging the notion that debit and revolving credit need to be distinct, siloed products. We believe that one should very much inform the other - one card with access to both. 

Oakland, CA
Denver, CO

Orderly Health

At Orderly Health, we work as a team to build better data solutions and empower our customers to make healthcare more human. Orderly Health’s platform uses its Roster Automation Suite and Orderly Provider Directory solutions to improve the accuracy of provider data. Our teams at Orderly work on solutions to drive a cloud-hosted, AI-powered platform forward. Every role at Orderly is invested in ensuring all patients always have access to up-to-date, reliable information. In doing so, we save time and money for key roles within the healthcare process. Read our current job openings below to join a team on a mission to make healthcare more human, and more connected.

Denver, CO
Denver, CO

Our portfolio companies are looking for great people too.

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