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Venture Analyst

San Francisco, CA, USA

Job Type

Part- Time

About the Role

We’re looking to add a venture analyst intern to our deal team. The Cartography Venture Analyst Intern will work closely with our Senior Analyst and General Partners to source and evaluate investment opportunities, perform market research, and support existing portfolio companies.

The deal team’s prime directive is to discover the most promising founders and investment opportunities and to support our partners in making the best possible investment decisions.


Deal sourcing

As a Venture Analyst Intern, you will find promising investment opportunities by systematically researching high-potential founders and identifying opportunities for industry disruption.

Formulate and scrutinize investment theses. 

Why would we invest in this particular company? How defensible and durable is this business model? What creates the opportunity for an outsized return in a space? What market and technology trends are creating multi-axis arbitrages and therefore investing opportunities? You will be helping our team address and answer these types of questions about potential investment opportunities.

Support internal due diligence processes

As a Venture Analyst Intern, you will be assisting the deal team in performing diligence on a multitude of investment opportunities. You will assist, develop, and provide detailed analyses of a company’s target market, people, product, technologies, go-to-market plan, sales cycle, business model, forward looking financial forecasts, competitive dynamics, regulatory plan, and anything else relevant to making an investment decision. Your work will contribute to a Cartography Investment Memo that will be presented to our partners and syndicate network with considerable conceptual clarity.

Be an expert on finding experts. 

As a Venture Analyst Intern, you will continuously help grow & nurture the firm’s network of subject matter experts, and develop the ability to strategically identify the best resources to contact for a given diligence project. 

Boots on the ground operations. 

We invest in startups and we ourselves are a startup. You will learn inbound and outbound deal flow management, take notes during pitch meetings, track data for benchmarking our portfolio’s performance, and help the deal team institutionalize knowledge and data for our partners' use. 

Participate in the Cartography Ecosystem. 

As a member of the Cartography team, you will represent Cartography in the industry. You will have the opportunity to attend and participate in industry events.

Minimum Qualifications 

  • Current Junior or Senior majoring in (but not exclusive to) business, economics, and/or STEM. 

  • Familiarity with venture capital and the startup ecosystem. We do not require previous work experience in venture or at a startup company. Prior investing, diligencing, and sourcing experience is ideal but not required.

  • Some professional experience, ideally in consulting, financial services / investing, or experience with academic research.

  • Demonstrated analytical rigor and an ability to research complex topics, whether financial or technical, including both primary and secondary research.

  • The ability to gather, learn, synthesize and effectively present and communicate (verbal/written) complex information.

  • Authentic intellectual curiosity and a drive to explore.

  • A natural user of the latest apps and technologies.

  • Excellent attention to detail. 

  • Ability to balance multiple projects and work on volatile deadlines.

About the Company

Cartography is an industry agnostic venture fund specializing in Pre-Seed, Seed, Bridge, and Series A investments. Cartography is in the business of triangulating novel points of view on the future. Despite the existence of readily available quantitative information about the present, we seek out the frontiers of tomorrow and the founders who are exploring it. Cartography is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Tenants of Cartography

We are map makers

We thrive in uncharted territory and seek it out

We operationalize the vision

We welcome constraints as a way to amplify our creativity

We are in the relationship business and invest in authenticity

We believe in human ingenuity, inventiveness, and the opportunities of the future

We celebrate the good times and study the bad times

We are students of history

We achieve with others

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